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If you search for landscape maintenance Medway MA, you will find O'Connor Landscape & Irrigation, a local landscape contractor. Our reliable team of experts specialize in providing both commercial and residential clients professional maintenance services.

Learn More About Landscape Maintenance in Medway MA

At O’Connor Landscape, our team offers professionally done maintenance services on a seasonal or appointment basis. Keeping your property clean is important to the overall look and health of your living space. When your exterior is not properly maintained, its health, curb appeal and value all suffer. The experts at O'Connor will bring your property the care it needs to stay looking and feeling its best all the time.

Our property maintenance services include but are not limited to:

Scheduled Maintenance

When you hire our landscapers, we will create a plan for coming to your property to service it. Your lawn will be cut and cared for, flower beds serviced and anything else you need will be properly taken care of. We are the leaders in property maintenance in the Medway MA area. Call today for an estimate.

Seasonal Clean Ups

During spring clean ups we clean the whole property of leaves / debris from the winter & trim any dead wood off of small trees and shrubs. During fall clean ups we clean the property of leaves, mow the lawn for the final time of the season and cut back any perennials that may be on the property so they grow back nicely in the spring.


Mulching is an organic way to keep your soil in good shape. Our team will properly install your mulch and keep it clean and in good shape throughout the year.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Inserting shrubs or small trees to your property will instantly increase its curb appeal and overall value. Our contractors are capable of bringing you the top tree and shrub solutions for your exterior landscape.

Contact O'Connor Landscape & Irrigation for Landscape Maintenance in Medway MA

If you are interested in learning more about our landscape maintenance in Medway MA, contact O'Connor Landscape & Irrigation today, call 781-444-3998 or request an estimate online.


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